Happy “Not Tall White Male” Day!

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Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s take a moment and appreciate all accomplishments for gender equality.

See a list of American Women’s Famous Firsts

Read about the current Reality of Women’s Rights

Shocking! Oscar voters are mostly white and male.

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How did Dances with Wolves win Best Picture? Why have there only been four female nominations for Best Director and only one female winner in 83 years? Why only four minority winners for Best Actor/Leading Role and only one (as of the timing of this post) for Best Actress/ Leading Role? Oscar voter stats: nearly 94% white, 77% male, median age 62. Go Bridesmaids!

Want to know more?
Read The Oscars’ Woman Problem at Salon.com.

Listen to Most Oscar Voters Are White, Male… Out of Touch? on NPR.

Obviously religious men understand women’s birth control more than women.

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At least there is a minority in this bunch...

Thank God religious men spoke out on Capitol Hill about women’s birth control rights. No doubt if you’re a woman affiliated with them you never want to have sex or you want to raise a million kids or you’re dying to pay the full-price of birth control out of your enormous salary that matches your male counterparts in this amazing economy. Clearly God thinks if you’re a woman and you’re having sex and don’t want a million kids, you need to pay the price. Also, nice of our elected republican officials to put this thoughtful shindig together. Read a real article.


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Hello.  Welcome to the latest news on the Tall White Male.